Important Things to Know About Gold Bars for Sale

Gold Bars for Sale: What You Must be Aware of:

It is not hard these days to find gold bars for sale. If you did a quick search on the internet for gold bars for sale, chances are you would come up with a few million search results. Many of those search results would be for online dealers that buy and sell gold. Buying gold bars can be an investment that has huge benefits for you, whether you decide to hold onto the gold bars as a means of savings or you decide to turn around and sell the gold bars to someone else.

Gold Bars for Sale

Before jumping on the gold bandwagon with both feet, you should be sure you understand all the information about gold in general. The only way to make a good investment when buying gold is to know about the different types of gold bars, the differences in cost between buying gold bars and gold coins, and how the price of gold is determined by the weight and form of the gold.

Different Types of Gold Bars

Gold bars for sale are divided into two different types of gold depending on how they are manufactured. These two types are known as minted or cast gold. Cast gold bars are manufactured by pouring melted gold into molds to produce the cast in the desired shape and size for the gold bar. The most common shape of a cast gold bar is flat and rectangular; however, cast bars can be any shape or size.

Minted gold bars are cut from cast bars that have been created in an equal size and thickness. Any markings that are applied to minted gold bars are stamped onto the gold by a minting press. Minted gold bars can also be made in any size or shape. Some of the most common shapes of minted gold bars are rectangular, circular, oval, and sometimes even hearts.

Prices of Gold Bars

Gold bars for sale are generally priced based on their purity, their form, and their weight. Gold bars for sale usually have a purity of 99.99%. However, the purity can vary slightly depending on what region the gold bars were manufactured in.

The unit of weight that gold bars for sale are weighed in also depends on the geographical area where the gold bars are manufactured and sold. In the U.S., gold is weighed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to about 28 grams.

The price of gold bars is dependent upon the price of gold which can change quite frequently. The more value gold has, however, the more value gold bars have. Generally, when buying gold bars for sale, you will be charged the premium price of the gold which includes the costs of manufacturing the gold bars, taxes, insurance, shipping costs, and of course, the dealer’s costs.

Something to keep in mind when you are buying gold bars for sale is that the heavier the weight of the gold bar is, the less the premium will be for purchasing it. Although, you will end up paying more for shipping and storing a larger and heavier gold bar than you would for a smaller and lighter gold bar.
Oddly enough, it is also usually less expensive to purchase gold bars for sale than it is to buy gold coins in the same weight.

Where to Get Gold Bars For Sale

Many people find that buying gold bars directly from the manufacturers or the mints is the safest way to go about buying gold bars for sale. However, there are many dealers, both locally and online, where you can find gold bars for sale as well. With the dealers, though most of them are reputable and are safe to purchase from, you want to be sure that the one you choose to buy your gold bars from is one of the legitimate gold dealers.

Doing some research on the different well-known mints can help you in determining if the dealer you wish to work with offers real gold bars for sale. There are many people who fraudulently create fake gold bars and attempt to sell them to uneducated buyers, so you will want to be extra cautious when buying gold bars from dealers.

If the dealer is reputable, chances are likely that there will be information on the dealer’s website about their company and how long they have been in the business of buying and selling gold. There should also be contact information such as a physical address and phone number.

Before using the shopping cart on the dealer’s website, you will want to ensure that the website URL is secure. Secure websites have URLs that begin with https instead of the standard http. If the website is secure, then your credit card information will be safe to use on the site.

Because you are ordering online and cannot physically hold the gold bars for sale in your hands before purchasing them, make sure you know what the dealer’s return policy is in case there happens to be a mix up with your order and you don’t receive what you paid for when it arrives.

Gold bars for sale should always come with a certificate of authenticity that states the weight of the gold bar, the size, the name of the manufacturer, and there should be a number on the certificate that matches up with the number stamped onto your gold bar. The gold bar should also be wrapped securely to protect it from damage.

Conclusion: Why Should You Invest in Gold Bars?

The question now is should you invest in gold? If you are thinking about purchasing gold bars for sale as a means of preparing for your financial future, you can’t go wrong. The value of gold does not change the same way that regular currency and the costs of goods change throughout the years and during recessions. Keep in mind that the premium you will pay when you buy gold bars for sale will be less on bigger and heavier gold bars. So, if you can afford it, you should buy the biggest gold bar you can find in order to save on the premium costs.

Also, think about where you’re going to store your gold bars to keep them safe and secure. You probably don’t want to leave it in your home, so it would be safer to store it in a safe deposit box at a bank or to invest in storing it with a gold storage company. After spending that money to purchase the gold bars, you don’t want to risk anything happening to them.

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What to Look for to Ensure the Gold Bars for Sale Are Real?

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Over the last few years, there have been numerous findings of fake gold bars for sale all over the world. When you’re in the market to purchase gold bars, the last thing you want to do is to end up forking over a whole lot of money for gold bars that aren’t even made purely of gold. Most of the time, it isn’t very easy to discern between real gold bars and fake gold bars because the outer portion of the bars is gold. Sometimes, there is a weight difference between fake and real gold bars, but if you’ve never held a real gold bar in your hands before, you may not notice the difference in weight. Continue reading

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